In case you have had an Internet hosting account before, you may have come across a situation where you pay for some unrestricted feature only to find out later that it happens to be limited and you've got some preset quota. This may happen with the disk space, the database storage, the monthly bandwidth along with other features that many Internet hosting providers offer in a way that's different from what you will really have. This is the so-called overselling, which service providers use so that they can attract customers even though they are aware that they cannot provide their customers with the features they promote usually due to the nature of their hosting platform or in the case of the resellers - because they have some limits from the actual host company.
No Overselling in Website Hosting
Unlike some other Internet hosting providers, we don't oversell because we simply do not have to. The features which we have listed for all our website hosting solutions are what you will actually receive if you sign up with our firm. The reason behind our guarantees is an outstanding cloud web hosting platform which can provide all the system resources each of our clients may ever need. Instead of storing files and running SQL or e-mail servers and other system processes on a single machine, we have separate clusters of servers taking care of each one of these services, so you will never come across a situation where the server lacks the needed resources for your websites. In case we need extra disk space or more memory, we can simply attach the necessary hardware or even entire servers to each and every cluster, so if you use one of our hosting packages, you will always get what you have paid for.